Our GINGER ROSEMARY BODY OIL is a all natural topical. Terpene and essential oil infused. combined with pure CBD ISOLATE. this gives this topical a powerful synergy blend to provide pain relief for sore muscles, joints , backs, hands and feet while providing relief from dry skin. This product contains no THC so you would not get high by applying this to your skin. The ingredients are what makes this product stand out from the rest. GINGER & ROSEMARY was designed to work together in a synergistic way, meaning all the ingredients piggy back from one another to produce a natural pain relief formula. It is very easy to throw in a bunch of essential oils, the problem is that some essential oils would be more dominant than the others, possibly causing them to practically do nothing but make the topical smell good with no pain relief properties.


CBD isolate is a type of CBD product that provides the compound CBD at its most pure. It comes in the form of a fine white powder containing 99 percent CBD. … CBD isolate begins as hemp derived CBD oil. Then, all of the plant’s natural compounds except for CBD are removed, leaving CBD as a pure crystalline powder * NO THC
Juniper Berry Essential Oil: This warming, stimulating oil is known to be anti-inflammatory. As such, it is commonly used to relieve the uncomfortable pressure of fluid retention that is characteristic of arthritis and aching muscles, bones, and joints.
Lavender Essential Oil: This anti-inflammatory and analgesic oil is a popular choice for those looking to relieve both emotional and physical stress ranging from sadness to headaches and aching muscles.
Rosemary Essential Oil: Blood circulation, which is vital to managing pain, is improved when this analgesic and anti-inflammatory oil is used in massage.
Ginger Essential Oil: The Zingibain compound in Ginger makes it anti-inflammatory, which promotes the relief of pain in muscles, bones, and joints. This oil is believed to lessen the number of pain-related compounds in the body called prostaglandin.
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